About Us



The Creator. For the past two years, our parent company - Standish Communications | www.standish.ca - has invested thousands of programming hours to create proprietary code that allows retailers the complete autonomy of their own e-commerce solutions - while enjoying the convenience of having the thousands of items available from their primary vendors loaded; and updated automatically. Released in July of 2010, EquiteamPro enabled the entire database from 1 vendor (roughly 40,000 skus) and has since been improving the overall solution for the almost 100 retailers that have joined the program since its inception.

Most smaller retailers cannot compete with the large retailers. They don't offer a large enough selection on their website, nor do they have the resources to update their site when suppliers make changes to their product lines. Have ever tried to load products onto a website? Or attempted to keep the product listings on your website current? By the time you've done all the back end work, you have little opportunity to do what makes you money - sales and marketing. To hire someone to do it for you is simply too expensive to consider. 

The EquiteamPro way is better. By automating the process of loading and updating all the items available from your major suppliers, we remove hundreds of hours of work from your monthly agenda.  Instead of worrying about whether you have enough products on your site; and whether or not the listings are accurate…you may now allocate those resources to sales and marketing efforts. 

We stock your website with thousands of products immediately! You will be "in business" now;  rather than waiting months for your site to be built and loaded with products (only to find out that a style number or color offering changed and the information on your site is no longer accurate). 

Did you know? 
We understand the horse business, We have extensive experience in developing marketing programs for equestrian manufacturers, distributors and retailers too) Our staff includes programmers, designers, technical support specialists, customer satisfaction personnel, sales, and marketing experts all with one mission…to assist in making your online sales efforts successful.